Rugging up to go to the snow this arvo, hoping not to stack it!

Even though Australia is an English-speaking country, at times it can seem like Aussies speak a completely different language. It definitely takes some time to get familiar with Aussie expressions and their use of short-forms. It has been entertaining to pick up on words and phrases that are unfamiliar and highlight them to my co-workers and friends. Of course, they return the favour but often they do not realize that a particular word or phrase isn't generally used outside of Australia. I highly doubt that I will leave Australia with an Aussie accent but I cannot guarantee that I won't take some words or phrases with me. This is a list I have compiled thus far, of words and phrases I hear often and my understanding of them.

Pretty ordinary - nothing special, opposite of extraordinary

Chockers (e.g., that bar was chockers) - full/busy

Going to the snow - since there's only one area where there's snow, it's referred to as "the snow"

Chuck a sickie - call in sick from work

Air con - can refer to the heating or cooling system

Rugged up - dressed in warm clothes

Smash it - do a good job at something

Stack it - have a fall

Knackered - tired, worn out

No dramas - no problem

Shocking (referring to a person) - unbelievable

Arvo - afternoon

Posi - short form for position

Niggles - aches or pains

Unco - short form for uncoordinated

Stoked - excited

Taking the piss - pulling fun at

To be continued...(see part 2 here).



  1. Very interesting. Love you!

  2. SG: Haha, I definitely thought some of these were used worldwide!! Hope you go home with a lot more Aussie Colloquialisms on your list ;o)