Yoga by the Sea at Bondi Beach

Although yoga is about more than just the setting that you practice it in, it certainly makes a difference to the experience. Yoga has only sporadically been part of my exercise routine yet completing at least one session by the ocean was near the top of my list for my time in Australia. Prior to Australia, I've only experienced yoga in closed rooms and the occasional hard-to-find session in the park. I value yoga for its ability to improve flexibility and mental focus. Challenging poses can really test your physical and mental stamina, as well as improve your overall strength. I was excited to find a company that offered classes by the sea (at none other than Bondi Beach and the surrounding area) and at another unique location (not outdoors but still pretty neat).

Bondi Beach in the background
Loving the view in front of me
Yoga from the Sky
Post-class photo op
Doesn't get much better than this

Will be tough to go back to a closed, dark room!



  1. SG: Your pictures make it look so serene and relaxing! Sounds like you had some memorable sessions :o)