Love-Love at the Australian Open

Melbourne - January 24-26, 2015

Being an avid sports fan, the Australian Open was one event that I was not going to let slip by while living in Australia. Not having been to a Grand Slam event previously, I could only anticipate the energy on the grounds and in the stands. I can confidently say that it did not disappoint. Melbourne is Australia’s unofficial capital of sport and it knows how to put on an international sporting event. 
If you ever find yourself in Melbourne in mid to late January and can afford a ticket, do yourself a favour and check out the Aussie Open. I shouldn't really speak for non-tennis lovers but I have a feeling that those who don’t particularly care for tennis would enjoy it too. If the weather is fine, the grounds are a great place to picnic with friends and enjoy a beverage or two amidst the festive atmosphere that abounds. Remember, it’s summertime in Australia in January! Even being in the city during the tourney is exciting as there are plenty of other summer events to explore.

Hello Melbourne