Making pierogi while camping in Poland

This is one from the archives, of an experience I've wanted to share for quite some time. I had to first realize it was an experience to treasure, one that was not likely to happen again, to me, in my lifetime. It seemed, at the time, like just an ordinary experience, nothing to be phased by. You may be able to relate. Perhaps being distracted by your thoughts, or a digital device, or maybe 'hanger', as was probably my case at the time (working on it, I promise!), you're nowhere to be found in the present moment. Thanks to some reflection in my wise years, I eventually realized the personal value of this moment from the summer of 2015.


A thank you letter to Australia

In an effort to keep my travel memories alive while adjusting to life at home again, and to describe to you all the wonderful things that await you Down Under, I've crafted a thank you letter to my favourite little red island.

Dear Australia,


Australia or New Zealand: Which country should you travel to next?

It's a question I've been asked on several occasions, and rightfully so. Both countries rank high on many people's must-visit lists yet many people can't visit both. In a perfect world, where finances and holiday time are unlimited, I wouldn't dare recommend skipping one country for the other. I've been fortunate enough to play tourist and local in both and even then the decision isn't an easy one. By breaking things down into several categories, and skipping some more easily researched ones (google can help with weather), I hope to shed some fresh light on two of my favourite countries in the world. But which one comes out on top?