Sydney's Most Popular Coastal Walk

Bondi to Coogee (or Coogee to Bondi)

This 6 km walk (or parts of it) makes it onto most travellers' must-see list when visiting Sydney. This is quite evident on a sunny day by the fairly constant stream of people walking in either direction. Rightly so as it has no shortage of stunning scenery accompanying each and every step. Today was my third or so time on this coastal walk (see Sculptures by the Sea), motivated by a beautiful day, the need for some exercise and the desire to test out my new phone's camera (Huawei P9).

Here's what I captured.

I started in Coogee as it was a closer starting point to where I am staying. The walk is beautiful from whichever location you choose to begin. If you've never been to Bondi Beach, I do suggest starting at the Coogee end and finishing in Bondi for a more dramatic first view of Australia's most iconic beach.

Coogee - let the beach-hopping begin!


The Charming Polish Countryside

Allow me to provide a brief background. Poland is where I was born and lived for the first four or so years of my life (read more about me here). Naturally, I don't remember much from those first few years. In the many years since then, I have been back several times but usually for only two to three weeks at a time.  Each trip I've taken back to Poland since settling in Canada has been an opportunity to learn more about the country, especially in my more-reflective, wiser years. As I stare out at an oh-so-blue Sydney sky today, I think of my friends and family in the Northern Hemisphere and how they can only dream of summer right now. A perfect time to look back at the longest period of time I have spent in Poland since moving away - two and a half months in the summer of 2015 - specifically the moments in the Polish countryside. Golden wheat-fields, reflective lakes, towering pine trees...

Gold as far as the light can see


Adventure of the Month: October

White-Water Rafting

It's been on "the list" for a few years now so it was about time to cross it off. I was in Rotorua, New Zealand's adventure playground of the North, one weekend in October helping a friend with an adventure race. I took an extra day to extend my weekend and ended up booking a last minute rafting excursion. As I got into the van to be transported to the company's headquarters, I learned that I was the only one booked in (a Monday pre high-season)! To my surprise, they were keen to go ahead with the booking. I immediately thought about my safety, wondering if the raft would be heavy enough, especially as we were meant to raft down a 7 metre waterfall.