If it 'feels like thirty'...

I live for summer but reside in a country that tends to keep this season to a minimum length (you'd be perfect otherwise, Canada). Naturally, I've developed a desire to travel to warm destinations for an extra dose of vitamin D. I've absorbed my fair share of sunshine in Australia, Peru, the USA, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Poland, Thailand, and Laos. This list continues to grow - if the weather predicts that "it feels like thirty", I'm there!

The beautiful blue waters of Bermuda

I am fortunate to work as a physiotherapist which occasionally allows me to live in other parts of the world. It is priceless to live like a local and truly see what a place and its people are like.

Koala cuddles in Australia / "Nom nom" to mango sticky rice in Bangkok
The thirties are often filled with wedding bands, diapers, real-estate bidding wars (at least in Toronto they are!) and career growth. My wish is to also include as much travel as possible during this refining decade. From weekend getaways to leaves of absence to explore the world, it all counts towards a more enriched life.

Boarding time. There are many places still on my list so come along for the journey with me!

The meeting of lava and ocean in Hawaii

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