First grocery trip

The occasional person may love weekly grocery shopping but odds are that most view it as a chore that they would prefer to hand over to someone else. When you're living in a new country, however, shopping for groceries (at least the first few times) can be quite exciting. As you make your way through all the different aisles your eyes may get overwhelmingly stimulated. So many new packages and colours! You look for those items that you read about or were told about by other travelers. You may even find yourself panicking when the intercom notifies you that the store is closing in ten minutes.


27 hours

Three flights, three countries and countless movies/shows later...I'm here! It takes extra effort to understand the Aussie accent when you're jet-lagged so it's time to rest before settling in. But not before a walk to the beach!

New South Wales



Ah, T-dot...I'm going to miss you. A big thank you to all my family and friends who have made this day possible. You know who you are and it will take me a lifetime to repay you but I will try!

Here are a few parting shots. 

Toronto and all its amazing food


Australia, Round 2

After the winter that we've experienced here in Ontario, who wouldn't want to pack up and move to a warmer country for a year, away from the frigid temperatures, slush-covered streets and paralyzing ice-storms? My decision has been made for some time now and the day of departure is closing in quickly. Australia is the winning country that gets to put up with yet another Canadian looking to escape the cold. Here's a list of what I'm looking forward to during my year in Oz.

1. Bye bye snow.


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Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you. Departure day is coming up really soon!


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Welcome to my blog where I'll be blogging about my travel adventures. First up, Australia!

On the horizon...New Zealand.