Women's AFL in New South Wales

The Wollongong Saints women's AFL team recently celebrated its five year anniversary. It was a beautiful winter day for a footy game and post-game celebrations. Check out the Illawara Mercury's summary of the day.

Wollongong Saints soaring after five years



Winter Road-trip: Wagga Wagga and Canberra

Being from Canada, I don't normally associate winter with road-trips. However, when you're living in a country where snow isn't a factor (unless you're going "to the snow" - more on that in a future post), road-trips can take place year-round. The first road-trip in a new country is always memorable as you adjust to different rules of the road, driving styles, spatial layouts and miscellaneous hazards (kangaroos, etc!). These days many places will have both manual and automatic transmission options allowing you to rent a vehicle that you're comfortable and giving you one less thing to worry about.


One month!

It's been one month since I arrived in Australia. A bit hard to believe. I have a few posts I'm working on at the moment and hope to update you all soon.

Happy Summer back home!

Seven miles of beach! 



Lazy Sunday...and chicken salt!

It's definitely not easy being far away from home on your own. Communicating with people from home, however, is easier than ever these days. The only difficult piece is working around timezone differences. Keeping busy and maintaining a positive attitude are keys to staying happy with your decision. This means heading out on a Sunday afternoon in on and off rain and chilly fall-like temperatures and recognizing that you're lucky to be running on one beautiful beach after another. This also means stopping to take countless photos of the coastline or watching the local surfbreak. That's still considered a run, right? Will have no problem running the 14k City to Surf run in Sydney in 8 weeks, right? Only time will tell.


Vivid Sydney, Part 2

Can you picture any other famous landmarks that would be worth illuminating in the way that the Sydney Opera House was? The light show definitely seemed to work well with the shape of the famous performing arts centre. It was not limited, however, to just the Opera House (see the lip photo below). Lights were also projected onto the Customs House and the Museum of Contemporary Art, among many others.

Here are a few more images from Vivid Sydney 2014.

Singing Lips


Vivid Sydney, Part 1

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and ideas with the highlight being the illumination of the Opera House. The Opera House is spectacular on a regular day but all the more when it's lit up the way it is during this festival. The pattern of illumination changes every few seconds and cycles through numerous designs. It's definitely something to see in person if you're in Sydney in June. Here are a few of my favourite designs.

Outerspace style