Lazy Sunday...and chicken salt!

It's definitely not easy being far away from home on your own. Communicating with people from home, however, is easier than ever these days. The only difficult piece is working around timezone differences. Keeping busy and maintaining a positive attitude are keys to staying happy with your decision. This means heading out on a Sunday afternoon in on and off rain and chilly fall-like temperatures and recognizing that you're lucky to be running on one beautiful beach after another. This also means stopping to take countless photos of the coastline or watching the local surfbreak. That's still considered a run, right? Will have no problem running the 14k City to Surf run in Sydney in 8 weeks, right? Only time will tell.

Here are some Sunday afterrnoon captures.

Stunning coastline

How would you like to call this home?
Surf session

Post-run chips with...chicken salt! Sodium and protein!
You know who you are

 Make the most of your Sunday!