If You Want to Sound Like an Aussie... Part Two

Below is a list of words or phrases that I have personally heard Australians use in daily conversation. I can't say that I'm comfortable using any of these yet but I like to take the piss (see meaning here) from time to time. 

Far out! - No way! Really? Occasionally used as a substitute for a popular four letter word starting with the same letter

Fair Dinkum - occasionally used in the same manner as 'far out', true, for real

Pinch - steal, in a borrowing kind of way

Chuck - throw or pass an object to someone

Cheeky - sneaky, mischievous

Sausage sizzle - barbeque where sausages are sold

Sangas - sandwiches

Choc-a-block - full, very busy

Give it a miss - skip

Devo - devastated

Reco - reconstruction

Cozzie - bathing suit

Chooks - chickens

Chrissy - Christmas  

Flying fox - zipline

Popper - juice box

Video clip - music video 

Oh the funny sentences you could form with these words and phrases. Endless hours of fun!



  1. SG: Haha, you're sounding more and more like an Aussie every day, mate! ;)

  2. You played a role in making me sound Aussie, mate!