Second Chances - Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Sometimes you get a second chance to do something that you wanted to do years ago. Last time I was in Sydney, I was intrigued with the idea of climbing the Harbour Bridge (from here on in, known as the bridge). I was close to clicking the purchase button at that time but decided against it for a couple of very common excuses - not enough time and and not enough money. Although it was not something I ever lost sleep over, I'm grateful I've had a second chance at completing this highly popular climb. Here are my reasons for coughing up the dough for this tourist attraction:

1. Incredible views. 134m above sea level overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Oh hello, Opera House!

 2. Test your fear of heights. For someone who is moderately afraid of heights, this climb will challenge you but not overcome you. You are up there for over an hour so there is plenty of time for character-building.

On the way to 134m

No hands!
3. Where else can you climb a world-famous bridge? For those that like ticking off one-off travel experiences, this is for you.

It's not a bad looking bridge, either

4. You get to learn random facts about the bridge. Such as... it is 82 years old. Did you know that a 9 year old boy traveled solo from Victoria by horse for the opening of the bridge in 1932? And that two workers fell off while building the bridge? How about that the climb founder had to refute 64 reasons why climbing the bridge would never work?

5. You get to climb with a bunch of random people. 

Top students from a local university, minus me and the guy beside me

6. It's a pretty neat experience. Even the locals have to agree.

Wind and all.

   I put my "recommend it" stamp on this one.



  1. no mówiłem Ci Zuzialu - taniec, śpiew i muzyka - to dl Ciebie chalenge!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Piekne zdjecia Zuziu. Podziwiam Cie!

  3. Brawo Zuziu. Amazing and wonderful. Great coverage of an exciting adventure.