Sydney Beyond the Harbour

It's difficult to ignore the endless amounts of "kodak (or perhaps canon) moments" while strolling around Circular Quay, the iconic part of the enormous Sydney Harbour. However, there is much to do and see in Sydney that doesn't involve "the bridge" or the famous white-ish landmark. Many neighbourhoods make up the city, including the eclectic Newtown, hipster Surry Hills and the health-conscious Bondi. Here are my captures to-date of Sydney away from its main attractions. 

The so-called hotels that are actually bars
Birdcage art in the heart of the city

Sydney-style balconies - like or dislike?

Cliff-side homes with views of you-know-what

Beach-side homes making the most of their location

Enjoying a not-so-bad view and a fried croissant

You don't even have to leave the city to enjoy a beautiful beach

You can even enjoy the view when visiting a cemetery

The beautiful St Mary's Cathedral

Heaps more of Sydney to come...


  1. Piękne są te zdjęcia i te miejsca. Ja spróbuję zrobić Ci te teksty po polsku, to i Polacy zainteresują się bardziej tamtym światem.

  2. SG: Can't wait to check out some sights (and beaches!) with you!!!

  3. Diito, SG! Summer in Sydney, here we come!